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It’s is one of the best product of ours
The combo contains of a herbs powder ,hair regrowth oil,seeds .

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    Ayurvedic miracle hair oil

    This is best combo for preventing hair fall and growing new hair it not only includes hairoil but also a hair pack and also a plantbased powder which will help in growing your hair enternally it contains VITAMIN C , VITAMIN E ,VITAMIN A , VITAMIN B ,B6,B12 ,ZINC,SELENIUM this are the vitamins which can regrow hair .
    1. HERBS POWDER : Its protein pack which contains zinc vitamin c ,vitamin E,vitamin A,vitamin B2 ,vitamin B6,vitamin B12 ,colic acid,selenium
    (Each and every vitamin is for hair which can regrow and it’s completely natural drink it on the same time it will stop hair fall in 10-15days and can also clear acne because of the herbs in it ).

    2. HAIR OIL              : This oil contains of PURE SEEDs oil to make 100 ml oil it takes some kgs of seeds and a it contains  pure bringraj and a very rare wild onion which is grown in forest .
    (Use it on the bald spot or on the scalp massage for 5-10minutes .

    3.HAIR PACK           : This  hair pack contins herbs powder which will cool down the scalp and helps in blood circulation and regrows hair


    4.SUPER SEEDS        :This are organic seeds which will help you grow new hair and it prevents hair fall.This seeds are rich in iron ,folic acid,vitamin E and vitamin A this should always be consumed in combination with essential fat, like ghee milk ,coconut and jaggery just consume 5-6 seeds only.


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